When signing up for the Tumbleweeds after-school class the semesters run from Sept-Feb (fall/winter semester) and Feb-June (winter/spring semester). All families who sign their child(ren) up are making the commitment for the whole semester and expected to attend on a weekly basis.

There is a $300 deposit due (each semester) with the registration form and is nonrefundable. The $300 deposit will be held and go towards your last months balance at the end of each semester. All deposits are due with the registration form to hold your child's spot. No spot is confirmed until both are received.


Payments are made in two installments:

1-    February 1st - the beginning of the semester which will go towards the first half of the semester. 1st installment is Non-refundable.

2-    April 1st - half way through the semester which will go towards the remaining half of the semesters. 2nd installment is Non-refundable and your $300 deposit will be applied towards this balance.

Any late payments will result in a $15 late fee for each week that it is late. Joining an art group means you are making the commitment to the whole semester. The tuition for the whole semester is to be paid. There are no reimbursements, deductions or omissions made for absences, missed classes or withdrawal for any reason. Please read the make-up policy below for missed classes. There will be a $50 fee owed for any returned, bounced checks

*Tumbleweeds Art Group follows the NYC Department of Education’s School Calendar, in which class days and payment information will be based on.


If a child shows signs of illness (fever, wet cough, cold, lice etc.) please notify Tumbleweeds Art Group and kindly keep them home from class.

If your child receives after-school pick up and is showing signs of being ill at the time of pick up, as a precaution Tumbleweeds Art Group will bring them the school nurse to be quickly evaluated before leaving the school as well as calling the child's parent(s) to inform them of the situation.

If your child did not attend school that day please kindly keep them home from class as well.

On the occasion the teacher becomes sick and needs to cancel class we will first try to figure out a make-up class option and if that is not possible for the majority then refunds will be made.

Pick up-

If you chose the after school pick up option for your child please inform their teacher and school that Hayley Youngs from Tumbleweeds Art Group will be picking up your child. Pick-up information form must be completed in order for pick-up to be preformed. No scooters, skateboards, bikes etc. if your child is receiving pick up. It is important for us to all stick together and be safe.

The after-school art class ends at 5:30PM unless special arrangements were made otherwise.

There will be a $15 charge per 15 minutes starting at 5:45 for any late pick-ups.

No child will be released at pick up to anyone who is not listed on the registration form. If someone new will be picking your child up please inform Hayley from Tumbleweeds Art group with all the necessary details and please also inform your child of the new plan for pick-up time.


Projects may take more than one or two classes to complete.


Please provide a snack and drink for your child to have during class, as Tumbleweeds Art Group is not responsible for providing refreshments.


The 2019 Winter/Spring semester runs from February 1st until June 22nd.  We follow the NYC Department of Education’s School Calendar.

Changes and/or accommodations to our schedule will not be made unless for reasons specified in the make-up section of the contract. Occasionally, Art outings may be scheduled during regular class time if interesting opportunities present themselves. This counts as a regular class and all regular class policies including pick-up will be followed for these types of outings.