Museum & Gallery Excursions

(weekday, weekend, school breaks and summer)


Gallery/Museum Excursions

We know the best part of living in NYC is our city’s awe-inspiring art, but how often do we get to enjoy it with our ever-overflowing to-do lists? Plus everyone needs alone time with their spouse, and just a few hours away from the kids. Take advantage of the opportunity to do your thing while your child/teen enjoys a special museum or gallery excursion with Tumbleweeds. You can savor the time to yourself, and know you are investing in the creativity of your child at the same time. Prepare for them to return talking color, texture and the latest exhibit.

  • 4 hours recommended- time includes getting to and from museum/gallery (amount of time is flexible)

  • 3 kid minimum, 6 kid maximum OR inquire about a custom one-on-one/private excursion

  • Ages 4+

  • Transportation and any museum fee’s covered

  • We will view the art at the museum, discuss the show and have a sketching session based on what we viewed

  • Excursions can be tailored towards a specific art show or for a general art museum viewing

  • Rates vary - please email for details

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